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self-defense is to protect yourself without injuring your attacker."  J. Mitose

My name is Dan Stratton
Being a bully victim myself, I was attracted to martial arts (kenpo) in 1978.  Like a duck to water, I was a sponge...and not just fighting, but technique. I loved the art of movement. I put in my 10,000 practice hours and was rewarded by finding the meaning of a 'True' self-defense: Kosho Shorei Kenpo.  I'm authorized by both Juchnik and Mitose to teach my art.  After my black belt award (1984) I purchased Juchnik's dojo and after several years closed with knee injury.  I'm certified by Mitose as Kosho Temple dojo head (1998) teaching Safe-Defense, Karate's Missing Peace.

14 years, 3 knee surgeries and several martial 'arts' experiences later, I moved to Indiana (1997) and co-founded the Peace Learning Center (PLC). As an AmeriCorps service site, we facilitated a 1-day peace program field-trip mandated to Indianapolis Public Schools.
I staffed for 2 years as General Mgr and then 8 more as Peace Education Program Director. We directly hosted and served over 20,000 youth and adults in peace programming during that time period. The final 2 years were as head of a full-time satellite location in Lawrence, IN.  This location hosted and served about 6,100 students in classroom groups and served 3 Warren Township School District 4th & 5th grade populations (STEP Program) at their school

Like the 'little engine that could' I absorbed myself in the knowledge of conflict resolution. For the next decade I mixed physical no-contact movement, communication skills, Peacemaking methods, and focused breathing.  I came to believe that what is missing is a map or strategy in which to employ peace skills, otherwise our plan becomes vague and defensive at best and accidentally offensive at worst.  It was my daily opportunity to develop, test and adjust a real-world model for mapping the peace making process.  With my AmeriCorp and Agency teams, we forged PLC's signature program STEP, the ancestor of Peace DNA.

The peace methods from which I draw included; formal mediation, restorative justice conferencing, compassionate communication, Help Increase the Peace (HIPP) and several others. Regarding other experience; for 18 months I served as a volunteer mediation panel member for Marian County Juvenile Court system.  Eventually I was given case development responsibilities. Years later, I volunteered in the Alternative Disposition Program (Mediation & Restorative Justice Conferencing) in the Marian County Court system.   I've co-counciled 2 restorative justice conferencing sessions for private business.

I opened the Indianapolis Peace Dojo as a commercial school Fall of 2012. I closed the school one year later because of finances. Although a commercial failure, I developed a very good Peace Moves curriculum in a karate belt rank format.  Also developed, a more engaging practice curriculum for PeaceTalk and Adhoc Mediation.

I am currently marketing Safe-Defense workshops to groups as:

- a self-defense alternative
- a mediation learning program or
- a safe and common
language for business communities
- a genuine sustainable team building program

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Certification Links