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self-defense is to protect yourself without injuring your attacker."  J. Mitose

Any strategic  method requires certain critical milestones of mini-success.  Peace DNA is a step-by-step process that uses 6 essential questions covering: Conditions, Positions and Remedy of peacemaking.  

Peace DNA

Quickly identifies what Peacemaking elements are missing within; Conditions, Positions and Remedy

Diagnoses and points to where in the Peacemaking process there is trouble or mis-understanding.

Suggests the essential question(s) needed to address and move beyond any specific sticking point(s) 

Provides a framework for education and advancement in the world.
Peace DNA

Non-contact self-defense
Peace Moves is an off-path hop practice designed to frustrate contact as a self defense.  Once the attack de-escalates to verbal (blaming, threatening,  name-calling) Peace Talk questions begin. Courage and willingness comes from full Peace DNA peacemaking knowledge.
Foul Buster & Verbal skills
Peace Talk is the skill of knowing what questions to ask when a physical attack de-escalates to a verbal level (blaming, threatening, name calling). Knowing what to say and what to say next breeds courage built on peace knowledge...Peace DNA
Peace Map to navigate conflict
Peace Map is used to navigate conflict with the 6 essential questions organized within the strategy features; Conditions, Positions and Remedy.