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self-defense is to protect yourself without injuring your attacker."  J. Mitose

Karate's Missing Peace; Peace Moves
Peace Moves is the art of kinesthetic 'invisibility'. It uses body alignment positions to safely stay 'just-out-of-reach' in Distance and Direction. Peace Moves includes; Position hopping, Centered breathing and simple Hand/Foot sweeps.  Vital area striking arts are omitted from Peace Moves although they're easy enough to apply from the advantage of Safe Defense Position.

Peace Moves hopping is not child-like and uses natural walking motion that everybody is proficient  Peace Hopping uses special breaths and thoughts; "I want only peace and don't want to fight". 

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How to move safely for protection without violence...to create opportunity for Peace talk.
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What to say to de-escalate a conflict with the Foul Buster.
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Learn how a foul + a foul equals conflict.  What you say can and does make a difference.
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Peace Map acts as a way to navigate conflict with a coherent set of essential questions organized within the features; Conditions, Positions and Remedy.