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self-defense is to protect yourself without injuring your attacker."  J. Mitose

Karate's Missing Peace; Peace Talk
We all know what a verbal foul in conflict means. Peace Talk is a 3-question script that transforms or 'busts' verbal fouls (offensives) leaving behind expectation  and a focus on the problem already with minimal agreement. Peace Talk is the transformation 'bridge' between attacking the person and attacking the problem. Its strategy is to identify the problem, agree on it and create options for remedy, without expectation.

What to say can be a real problem in a dangerous situation.Vague peacemaking are unfamiliar and unpracticed and therefor make the willingness for trust and peacemaking seem risky.  When knowledge increases, naturally so does willingness.

The 3 Peace Talk questions are a short-cut through Peace Map & Peace DNA.  At the end of Peace Talk
, there should be no solution! But there is agreement with a focus on the problem  and not the person.  That's all that Peace Talk does. Transforms the focus of conflict from person to problem using agreement questions. Peace Talk transforms the focus from the person onto the problem.

If you seek solution, continue with Peace Map/Peace DNA directions through Remedy.

If you seek only to stand up for yourself, and
 finding solution is irrelevant, then Peace Talk stands alone.

If you seek to lead by example, demonstrating everyday communication methods, use Peace Talk script questions obviously in conversations. This is leading by example.

If you seek a basis for giving advise to others, use Peace Talk as a self restraint threshold for justifying more aggressive and traditional (fight/flight) actions. Try Peace Talk question #1 early, and first. Don't always rush to an offense action as self-defense.

If you seek helping others as a formal mediator, offer your services and follow Peace Map through Safe-Defense mediation.

* If you seek safety because the foul is just beginning an obvious criminal assault, talking is not an option, respond with Peace Moves.  
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Learn how a foul + a foul equals conflict.  What you say can and does make a difference.
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What to say to de-escalate a conflict with the Foul Buster.
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How to move safely for protection without violence...to create opportunity for Peace talk.