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self-defense is to protect yourself without injuring your attacker."  J. Mitose

Safe-Defense Workshops

I offer Safe-Defense workshops that is a hands-on experience of True self defense...how to quickly find the path of cooperation. From emergency Peace Talk to formal ad-hoc mediations that empower each participant to transform conflict into problem solving dialog.  

Each of the 3 skill sets (listed below) are taken from the same basic methodology...Peace DNA.  

Conflict Resolution; a 4-hour program entailing partner drills and real-world scenarios.  Quick response drills help integrate skill sets to possible situations. 
Mediation; a 4-hour program entailing both formal (Peace Map) and         ad-hoc (Peace DNA) small group mediation scenarios.

Self-Defense; a 6-hour program entailing partner drills with both physical movement (Peace Moves) and conflict resolution skill sets (Peace Talk)